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Concierge Services

Expect more from your concierge service Toronto! With Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. at your service, you’ll reap the benefits that only a truly professional concierge service can provide.

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Construction Security Services

Construction site security isn’t about light theft, it’s about heavy steal: in fact, industry experts estimate losses from theft and vandalism at construction sites amount to nearly $1 billion annually.

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Corporate Security Services

To a corporation operating in today’s business climate, corporate security on the ground is still just as important as cyber security online. From a corporate perspective, physical threats can be just

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Private Security Services

In today’s social climate, providing personal security for you or people around you often means hiring private security. Just because you’re an accessible person doesn’t mean people should have access

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Security Guard Services

Search for the best security guard companies in Toronto and you’ll find the name Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. This is a company that exists to provide clients across the GTA with professional

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Event Security Services

Private security for your private events is about protection – for your guests, and for your personal or company reputation when hosting them. When it comes to private event security companies in Toronto

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