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Providing construction security and concierge services are just two of the areas of expertise delivered by staff from Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. As one of the top security companies in Brampton and the surrounding area, Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. has earned its reputation by employing fully trained and certified security teams to fulfill its security contracts.

Construction site security can be a big job. Larger sites required security guards at entrance ways to sign in contractors, trucks and machinery. Enforcing safety policy is not something you have to leave in the hands of your construction crews, so utilizing fully-uniformed security teams helps ensure your company remains in compliance by delegating the work. Many of the security guards at Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. have “use of force training,” which could come in handy when apprehending violent looters attempting to steal valuable construction materials or machinery. Our professionals can also scope out your site for weak points and provide you with a plan which details the most effective places to install security cameras.

When it comes to concierge services, security guards in Brampton hired from Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. make an excellent addition to any condominium or residential complex. They can handle all the point of entry protocols, provide roaming security and quickly identify people who are not supposed to be on the grounds.

No matter what your need, the best security company in Brampton is Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud.