Security companies in Mississauga

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Security companies in Mississauga have a growing population to contend with. At Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. we understand the unique challenges arising in the city given its cultural diversity, rapid expansion and high density. Our company provides a full menu of security guard and private security services to a broad spectrum of clients across the city. These include commercial, industrial and residential security services, plus professional concierge services and more. From large security teams for public events requiring crowd control experts, to personal security guards who can handle more mundane responsibilities like lifting groceries for residents at the condo, Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. can help.

Security guard services are becoming a great selling feature at many of the top private residential complexes in the Mississauga area. Commercial properties that have professional security guards in place are much more attractive to potential business tenants. We can customize security services for any client looking to hire the best security company in Mississauga. Our guards can be fully uniformed or dressed in a manner that reflects the scope of their responsibilities. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. security guards are always professional and respectful when carrying out their responsibilities. You want security, but not at the expense of being mistreated by those you hire to deliver it to you. Duke’s Royal Guard Inc. Prestigious. Professional. Proud.